About the program

DSCF8652The New Agricultural Magazine was launched through the Kecskemét Television channel.  After six years of dealing with mainly regional information, it went over to the Hungarian ATV channel in October, 2000.  For 12 years now this program gives information, points of interest and novelties about home agriculture, not only for those working in agriculture.  It does so, because there really is not one person in the country who is not in touch with agriculture or rural life in some way or another.  The New Agricultural Magazine gives accounts and reports based on actual daily topics.  It is the only magazine within agricultural topic programs.  The staff of the magazine is present in each season at every important agricultural, food industrial and environmental protection program.  Reports are given on these and interesting background information is passed on to the viewers.

The makers of the program are experienced, recruited TV personnel with high professional skills.  The producer editor of The New Agricultural Magazine was awarded the „Professional Journalist” recognition in March, 2006. 

The preparation, shooting and finishing off tasks are done with digital technology.  The Hungarian ATV channel, in this way our program as well, can be watched throughout the most part of the country.  This is developing further on with the growth of cable networks, the UPC and the DIGI TV.  There is more and more demand that The New Agricultural Magazine not only be available at a given broadcasting time, so we decided that those interested in the Magazine, agricultural and rural topics be able to watch the program on the internet when most suitable for them. 

The New Agricultural Magazine is an external, independent, self-supporting production of the Hungarian ATV.  Our partners consist of the country’s leading agricultural companies and enterprises.  Our Magazine receives a great deal of professional assistance from the leaders and team of professionals from the Ministry of Rural Development.pecsvarad.01.Sub.11

Announcements and advertisements may be placed on our webpage.

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Our staff undertakes the making of commercials and reference films.

The producer editor of The New Agricultural Magazine- János Aszódi looks forward to meeting you in front of the screen or the Internet.